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We’ve walked a mile (and more) in your shoes.

Sheppard & Company is a team of highly experienced equipment industry professionals. We’re committed to building a better equipment distribution world where people love what they do and receive the coaching and training they deserve to thrive.

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Our distinguishing values

The Sheppard & Company ethos is represented by the Leonardo DaVinci quote; Learning never exhausts the mind. As a trusted partner to your business, we commit to doing business with excellence, integrity and a duty of care to respect all those contributing to your success.

Our Team

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the Sheppard & Company team loves to help you get stuff done, while having fun doing so! The people who represent S&C have an incredible depth of experience from the from the factory floor to the executive suite in factories and dealerships.

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As Principal of Sheppard & Company, Luke Sheppard founded the firm on the premise of helping mid- and senior-level managers do their best work ever and have time to live their lives to the fullest.

He’s the author of a newly released book, Driving Great Results: Master The Tools You Need To Run A Great Business. With 19 practical and immediately applicable tools for running a business, Driving Great Results will help you drive better results, in less time, with fewer frustrations.

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Luke has 20 years of experience in the heavy equipment industry, in engineering, operations, general management, and executive leadership roles. His unique ability to focus on what’s most important by filtering out the noise and simplifying business problems using engineering methods, and driving results with practical tools and solutions is what differentiates him from the average consultant.

His extensive is backed by a solid education in Canada and the United States. He holds an Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Algonquin College (Ottawa, ON), a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, an M.Sc. in Systems Engineering from Iowa State University, and an Executive MBA from the University of Iowa.

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